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Freelancing science in 2008

I was pretty busy last couple of weeks which resulted in massive amount of unread items in Google Reader. The New Year came unnoticeable but brought a lot of changes to my scientific life and to this blog. First of all, “freelancing science” became real – as of the first of January 2008 I’m no longer an employee and have no plans to be one soon. While I’m going to hold one of my academic affiliations, it’s no longer a formal agreement that binds me to a single place. This will allow me to jump with others into pool called “open science”. If you wonder how am I going to make money, all I can say is that I’m wondering about that too :).

Second thing is that I plan write more about bionanotechnology here, as I hope to merge protein science in silico with nanotech at some point. Molecular machines, multimeric complexes etc. here I come.

I plan to explore even more the topic of molecular graphics, maybe in a form of a separate site. In times of “Ice Age” (or any current animated movie) most of modern scientific visualizations look like Windows 98 next to Apple’s Leopard.

So stay tuned and I wish you an exciting year of 2008. Mine is going to be exciting for sure.


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Tenure dossier

Janet D. Stemwedel from Adventures in Ethics and Science publishes photographs of the three-ring binder containing her tenure dossier. She ends this post with the sentence: “I seem to recall that there are important aspects of life that you can’t cram into a three-hole punch.”

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The dossier itself more or less captures the teaching/scholarship/service categories impressed on us as faculty newbies. The faculty member preparing a dossier is handed a set of eight uniform dividers for a three-ring binder. Four of these impose the main structure on the materials the faculty member assembles, marking out sections dealing with teaching effectiveness, service to students and the university, scholarly or creative activity, and what amounts to service within or related to your field of scholarship.

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