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Another collaborative environment: Project Wonderland

This is a short post on the Sun’s Project Wonderland. Citing from its home page

Project Wonderland is a 100% Java and open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, share live desktop applications and documents and conduct real business. Wonderland is completely extensible; developers and graphic artists can extend its functionality to create entire new worlds and new features in existing worlds.

In my recent post I’ve mentioned Second Life and Croquet: two platforms that can evolve into decent 3D visualization environments. Obviously I didn’t research the topic enough, as I’ve just found Project Wonderland. It seems to have the best of both worlds – professional team of developers, pretty flexible architecture and possibility of running your own instance of “virtual world”.


Have you spotted "Biogang" written on the whiteboard? 🙂

I didn’t play with it for a long time – current version is not very feature-rich (although it already contains video player with webcam support, PDF viewer, VNC viewer and a crude whiteboard), however the roadmap looks very interesting. I really liked extensive audio features – true stereo, sounds fade out with distance, special “cone of silence” (place where you can have a private conversation) – it proves that Sun is really trying to build an effective collaboration platform.

I haven’t seen yet much about data visualization in Wonderland – although below you can find interesting example of molecular simulation trajectory shown inside Wonderland.

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Another example of web-based educational site: iBioSeminars was launched by The American Society for Cell Biology and contains seminars on medicine, cell biology and biological mechanisms. All available for download in QuickTime, mp4, iPodVideo or Powerpoint formats. Via ScienceRoll.

iBioSeminars is a freely available library of seminars from outstanding scientists. Our mission is to host lectures that describe on-going research in leading laboratories (they are not basic, survey-style lectures as might be found in undergraduate or graduate student biology courses). However, iBioSeminars features a more extensive introduction into the subject matter than a typical 50 min university seminar. Thus, these lectures are intended to be more accessible than many typical department seminars to advanced undergraduates/beginning graduate students and researchers outside of the specific field.

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