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Most of the time I’m a scientist. I’m assistant professor at the Warsaw University  (keep in mind that opinions here are mine, not my employer) where I’ve just started research on whatever comes to my mind (currently it’s somewhere around systems biology and theory of complex systems). My scientific experience ranges from protein sequence analysis, through homology modelling, up to building annotation systems for genomic and protein sequences (see more on my visual CV below) and if you are really interested, here’s my publication list.

This blog documents my thoughts and ideas about various aspects of doing science (including Science 2.0 phenomenon), rants about synthetic biology, various attempts to visualize scientific data and almost serious comments about bioinformatics. Recently I’ve become interested in relations between science and art – more precisely I try to understand how artistic creativity can be applied in research. I also experiment with different approaches to scientific career – as an example, I worked as a freelance scientist for quite a while.

However, I’m not only a scientists. I’m a night photographer. I create molecular graphics (my images released under Creative Commons license were used online by – among others – Scientific American, Wired, New York Public Radio and Discovery Magazine) and generative art. I sing in jazz & gospel band and hope to work on my instrument playing skills more than I did so far. You know, all kinds of usuall stuff. These things not only keep me sane, but also significantly improve my workflow of scientific discovery. Or at least I believe they do.

Visual CV


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