Wolfram Mathematica 6 – no New Kind of Science (yet)

30 Oct

Not so long ago Animesh Sharma pointed to quite old interview of Steven Wolfram about the book “The New Kind of Science” and asked if concepts concerning a biological framework made their way into Mathematica software.

I’ve just returned from Poland Mathematica Conference, and I can answer that question: no, they didn’t. While there were people using Modelica and Mathematica to model some stochastic processes in cells, Mathematica itself does not provide much of a support for any sophisticated description of biological mechanisms. Implications of concepts from The New Kind of Science book looked very promising – it’s a pity that we are not given tools to verify them ourselves.

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One response to “Wolfram Mathematica 6 – no New Kind of Science (yet)

  1. Animesh Sharma

    November 1, 2007 at 06:16

    Thanks for the update Pawel. I have been hearing all this for almost a decade now. Simulations can go upto coding evolutionary algorithms [ ] but what happened to Lipton’s ideas [ ]? With mathematica, I feel it has almost everything to get going with such ideas… but the people.

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