Science 2.0 in Poland – getting popular, recognized as important

28 Nov

Few days ago I had a chance to speak about Science 2.0 at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences (the one I’m affiliated with). Compared to the seminar on the same topic I gave at the same place (but for much smaller audience) 4 years ago, I had much more stories to tell, way more real-life examples and better idea of where the whole “2.0” meme is leading us. I also got better at speaking (4 years ago some of my colleagues literally slept on my seminar). So, message got clearer, and messenger had improved.

But given wide interest in the topic from inside and outside of academic environment already before the seminar I think two things had happened in Poland in the last 4 years. First, internet got recognized as a game changing technology, and people simply are interested in any new way they can use this tool (yes, I know it’s 2009 – if you live on the nets it’s hard to realize how slow adoption rate is outside of virtual worlds). Second thing is, that internet as a tool is also recognized as important – for example people had ideas to include Science 2.0 topics into program of PhD studies (I will follow up on this topic in a week or two). Getting popular, important… Only wide adoption is what we need :).

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