All 2.0 – an attempt to connect disciplines

28 Jun

All 2.0Last year I bought a domain name Initially I had an idea to launch a huge portal around “2.0” meme – essentially tracking changes in communication methods across various areas. I wanted to quit science and start a consulting career in helping people to communicate more efficiently (new channels and tools, efficient visual communication, etc.). However, a market for such services in Poland is nonexistent, and I didn’t have a mood for relocation, so I’ve turned to other opportunities (and as effect, I’ve stayed in science). Neverthess, I still had a domain but no clear idea what to use it for.

So, with only a little time left, the next option I took was a tracker/aggregator. In theory, once done, it didn’t need much maintenance. There’s quite a lot of services for such purpose out there, but they didn’t necessarily allowed for certain things I wanted to have, so I had to code my own script. As I didn’t have much time, the resulting site is a little rough (it cannot compete with wonderful sites Euan is coding, such as recently released preview of Streamosphere). However, you should get an idea what I’m aiming for. Currently it tracks blog posts and conversations in areas of Science 2.0, Health 2.0 and Culture 2.0 (with Enterprise and Government to follow). Because within these types I sort all entries by date, I had to remove some bloggers from “Key People” list, as their high-speed blogging did not allow others to appear in the box at all. 🙂

At this stage, the set of sources is far from perfect – outside of science, conversations seem to be highly homogenous. When I improve the sources (maybe will use Twitter and custom FriendFeed searches), I plan to add some kind of visual summary to the tracked conversations to see if I can find some patterns that will let me establish a connection between disciplines. Let’s see…

While I was collecting links, I’ve found one interesting thing: you can find people interested in these three areas both over at FriendFeed and over at Twine. However, it seems that only scientists are actively talking with each other at these services – where are other groups storing their discussions?


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