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21 Mar

Here’s a summary of changes that happened in the meantime on Freelancing Science blog:

  • Freelancing Science has its own domain ( in case you wonder), but for readers nothing changed: all links, feed urls seem to work as they did so far. The main change is in your browser’s address bar and my email (pawel at new domain name).
  • I have added another box with Google Reader starred items. Feel free to subscribe, although I star something in GR based on my loose impression (not necessarily valid) that particular piece is worth coming back to. Because my reading list is constantly enlarging (more on this below), expect large amount of items in this feed.
  • I’ve added a number of blogs to link list in the sidebar (this list is constantly expanding). Among others there are: blog of Daniel Lemire, computer science professor from Montreal, Reasonable Deviations – everything scientific and challenging, from math to finances, Molgraph3D – visualization (of course!) of molecules with various techniques by Ludovic Autin and Biosingularity – news blog about advances in bioengineering.
  • I keep updating Images of molecules page, although I put all new stuff also in my Flickr “Molecular renderings” set, which is easy to track as it provides RSS feeds (to track people’s lifestreams I recommend FriendFeed – couple of fellow biobloggers have their account there).
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