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Configuring Torque and InterProScan

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If by the chance, you want to use InterProScan with Torque Resource Manager (queueing system based on PBS project) it doesn’t work by default (it’s tested with LSF, configuration files are supplied for original PBS and Sun Grid Engine). Fortunately there are two small changes needed in the InterProScan config files to make it work. First, during iprscan configuration, choose PBS54 as your queueing system. Then, in the file pbs54.conf (IPRSCANHOME/conf) remove “-d” switch from following two lines:

asyncsub=qsub [%optqueue][%optresource] -d -o /dev/null -e /dev/null "[%toolcmd]"
syncsub=qsub [%optqueue][%optresource] -d -o /dev/null -e /dev/null -I "[%toolcmd"]

Assumming that Torque binaries are available in the global PATH (qsub, qdel etc., on my machine they sit under /usr/local/bin), change in default shell in the enviroment file – from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash. Also, you can add another directories to the PATH in that file (I didn’t). Voilla. InterProScan jobs are now queued.

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